"One of the greatest things in human life is the ability to make plans. Even if they never come true - the joy of anticipation is irrevocably yours. That way one can live many more than just one life."

Maria Trapp-The Story of the Trapp Family Singers - Ch. 12 p. 4

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

- St. Augustine

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A few notes

I'm trying to get to bed early to help with the whole Ireland 8 hour time change thing, so I can't say much about our day in New York. I just have a few things to point out...

We had a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy strolling around Brooklyn and Manhattan. I enjoyed every minute. We saw lots, but didn't feel too rushed. As we went about the town, seeing the sights, two of the kids kept coming to mind. 

Grace, of course, always comes to mind when I'm in NYC because of our first, amazing, perfect trip to the Big Apple for her 16th birthday. I said hello to our city for you my girl! It's really not the same without you. 

Kathy too was on my mind all day. I kept running into Kathy-ness everywhere I looked. 

I found where Kathy should live - in the ritzy-est neighborhood of Brooklyn (of course)...

And I saw what David needs to buy her when he starts "having expensive fun"....

You might not be able to see - but it's a yacht parked in Manhattan  called the Katya!

Someday, Kathy, we have to come here together :)

Doug posted a rundown of our day. For my two-cents, I loved worshiping at Brooklyn Tabernacle, just for the whole new experience of it. I found Greenwood Cemetery beautiful, peaceful and interesting. I was pretty lost the whole time and didn't actually get to see Charlie Ebbet's grave, but I was close anyway. :) Eating pizza under my favorite bridge was such a treat and strolling through Brooklyn Heights was eye candy. It's been a happy day.

Oh, and it was so sweet to get a Mother's Day call from the boys. I didn't really expect it - being away and hard-to-reach on vacation - but it made me smile. Thanks Ben!

Tomorrow - boating in Central Park and making it to the airport on time! 

Good night - Amy


  1. Ha! Ha! YES! I love that I now have a place to live and a place to sail! :) Thanks for the awesome gift. Happy Mother's Day! :)

  2. ;) Apparently, the whole place is just waiting for you to show up! :)

    You're welcome! Happy Mother's Day to you too. :)